The ship we shall be using has ample accommodation for around two hundred passengers, so visitors who come on board will see the studios and the broadcasts being made, meet the disc jockeys and reminisce about the golden days of the sixties.

You will also be able to take a short cruise (lasting about an hour) out into the North Sea, to the Radio 270 anchorage.  This will give you the perfect chance to see  what the view of the Yorkshire coast was like for the DJs fifty years ago, and experience the sights, the sounds and the smells,  - and thats just the DJs!

The boat has both male and female toilets and a fully stocked bar. Why not have your photograph or a short DVD taken of you and your family in the '270' studio, with one of the Radio 270 DJs.  

We planned to commemorate this golden day in Yorkshire broadcasting by running a short term radio station from on board a ship off the Yorkshire coast. It would have broadcast from Yorkshire Day (1 August) and remained on the air until the fiftieth anniversary of the closedown of the station on 14th August 1967. The broadcasts were to include appearances by former staff of Radio 270 and various other events to revive the spirit of those heady days of the mid sixties. Sadly, we have had to cancel the tribute broadcast and other events.

Tribute  Station


1966 lives again - in 2017.

Radio 270 camera girl

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50th Anniversary events

Several other events are being planned  to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Radio 270. One of these will be a Gala Dinner and Dance with former DJs, staff and listeners of Radio 270, with live music and DJs.

The events will take place in several Yorkshire locations, and will be announced to those joining our mailing list, and then on this site when the final details are confirmed. Advance details will also be sent to members of the Radio 270 mailing list to make sure they don't miss out. Join the list NOW!

The Tribute commemorative broadcasts have been cancelled, due to lack of interest.
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Tender cruise to the 270 Anchorage

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Radio 270


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in August 2017

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Your video will be shot by a professional cameraman and ready for you to collect on a DVD from our on shore office later that day.  You can watch it at home as many times as you wish and show all your friends, to show them how YOU met the DJs and sailed on the North Sea on a radio ship.

A priceless souvenir!

We shall be taking bookings for the 270 cruises, via another page on this web site, when the dates are finalised and confirmed, as space on board will be limited. This is one radio experience no one will want to miss, so either come back and visit the page regularly, or better still, add your name and email address in the box below and get the latest information as soon as it is to hand.
I'm looking forward to being 'Your Swinging Host on the Yorkshire Coast'  for the 2017 Anniversary broadcast.
Cartoon by Stephen Muirhead, former engineer on Radio 270
Radio 270's first record
Radio 270 began transmissions in early June, 1966, from the ship Oceaan 7, anchored just three and a half miles from the Yorkshire coast. The first record played was Wild Thing by the Troggs, spun by the appropriately named Roger Gale. The second was 634-5789,  by Wilson Pickett, followed by I Love Onions by Laurie,  a favourite of Radio 270's MD, Wilf Proudfoot.
Neddy Noel Radio 270
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